Poole Salvation Army

Design, Photoshop, Web, HTML5

Commenced: September 2010

Completed:October 2010

August 2007 – Original Website design.
Project was put on hold for 3 years due to change in management on client side.
April 2010 – New Website Design
September – Website in Production

In August 2007 I was approached by Poole Salvation Army to redesign their website and create a web administration system so that anyone can log in and add to the sites content with ease. The design was completed but I was not permitted to continue with the website due to a change in management. 3 years later I was approached again by the Army to create a new website. During the 3 year wait my web skills had greatly improved and when I reviewed my previous design, I decided to redesign and give it a little more life.

Despite long negotiations, the project was built in 3 weeks. The website is cross browser compatible, tested in IE6 – IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome. This is the biggest website I have built to date using HTML5.